I briefed Bianca to redo my apartment in Houghton. I had been living there for about 18 months but realized that it was time for a change. We called it Project Fresh Start. I had some ideas which we discussed at our first meeting but it was more conceptual. Bianca took the initial discussions and built on those.

She conceptualized the space, colouring and atmosphere of the apartment and put together a brief which was incredible. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the end product would way surpass any of my expectations. The choices she made in terms of furniture, layout and colour combinations were extraordinary. She turned my house into a home, a place that I genuinely love coming back to and spending time in every single day. .

Brett Copans

The design, service and implementation of the Cigar Lounge was exemplary. Not only is the design and furniture aesthetically pleasing, it is entirely functional. The reality exceeded my expectations.

Zev Krengel, Africa Spice

Bianca and the DolceB team delivered a superb result for my home, under immense time constraints, within a limited brief, for a demanding client. Under these difficult conditions, I could not compliment the DolceB team enough. Strengths in their performance were most certainly detail orientation, transparent communication and speed. I would strongly advocate anyone considering their services to take the plunge and commit - I am delighted with my choice of Interior Architect.

Dr Ryan Noach

Greystreet Capital commissioned the professional services of Dolce Vita Designs (“Dolce”).


As a business we needed to merge the functional needs of the organisation to the characteristics of the partners. We needed a professional space that symbiotically embraced our laid-back personalities.


Dolce walked the full journey with us dissecting every property to match our aspirations with the economically feasible. Some spaces were infeasible and some we lost to other bidders but eventually the stars aligned. North facing with great light coupled with a 180 degree view of the Joburg jacaranda-tree-line would be part of our daily life.


Small spaces are charming but the conversion thereof to the aforementioned requirements requires out-of-the-box thinking, an intricate understanding of the clients needs, a creative flare (often underestimated) and a deep application of design that will transform. Dolce converted drawings to decoration and furniture that transformed the space making it appear bigger without compromising our sense of personal style. With clever ideas on storage, spatial planning, well considered colour schemes and wall paper we today enjoy a master piece on the heights of Hyde Park… our home away from home.

Greystreet Capital

I had the pleasure of working with Bianca and her team at Dolce Vita Designs from July to December 2013 when we approached her to renovate our 3 luxury villas on the top floor of the 5-Star Cape Royale Luxury Hotel & Spa.

The deadline was 1 December 2013 and the brief for the 3 double story roof top Villas, each with an outdoor area with the intention of oozing sophistication, luxury and a 5-Star opulent lifestyle. Most interior designers would have run a mile, but Bianca did the opposite, she took it on, open arms and delivered, to our amazement, on time.

Renovating 3 luxury villas under immense pressure in a running 5-Star hotel has its own major challenges, but Bianca and her team remained focused.


They are extremely deadline driven and worked under immense pressure to get the job done. The team hit the tight deadline and exceeded our expectations on their delivery.

Bianca is professional, honest, and talented with outstanding customer relations and in my eyes, she is an altogether rock star and an expert in her field. Bringing 8 years of experience and her world travels into her projects, I can safely say that our hotel has benefitted from her creative designs and solutions. Bianca was utterly dedicated throughout the project, personally overseeing every detail of all 3 luxury villas.


It is obvious that Bianca has a passion for the industry and has an original perspective on design making an unforgettable mark on our hotel, our Chairman, myself and the rest of our team at the Cape Royale.

Bianca encompassed both functionality and splendor, creating spaces reflecting a lifestyle and has added the cherry on top to our beautiful hotel.
Johann Du Plessis

Dolce Vita Designs epitomizes the very essence of quality and beauty in the delivery of its service. The owner and founder of the company Bianca always goes beyond the call of duty. The core business of the company is more than interior design and decoration. The company is equally about home comfort, functionality and aesthetics. In the main, Dolce Vita Designs is a ONE STOP solution provider.

Dr Kwame Amuah

As an Interior Architect, Bianca has the ability to accurately interpret her client brief. She keeps up with current trends and products thus giving her clients the latest and most fresh design concepts. Another key ability is been able to take her projects from Concept and Design to a seamless implementation with a good mix of client communication without been overbearing. The end product has been meticulous with great design detail and quality to match.

Jason Lee

Dolce Vita Designs knows how to combine style and function in a way that meets your needs. They are the best interior designers one can work with

Saki Zamxaka


I first met Bianca, through my father as she was doing work for him. What struck me about her immediately, was that she was a very good listener. She didn't interrupt you and try to force her ideas upon you, she would listen to what your request was, ask you a few questions about your personal style, what you liked, how you saw the design space in your head; then she would go and think about it and come back with a few ideas that she thought would match your personality and translate that into your space.


Bianca believes that personal space should reflect who you are as a person and be your sanctuary. No pretentiousness. I was so impressed by her work and the way she handled her herself, I Asked her to help me out with my apartment. I changed my mind many times, but she was patient and professional at all times. She gave me ideas that I would have never thought of and now I live in what I believe is the most beautiful space ever and I look forward to coming home everyday.

Tukwini Mandela

Bianca oozes passion for design, has intense focus and a natural flair for the luxurious, her dedication and commitment makes working with Dolce Vita Designs a life changing experience. Combining both reliability and cutting edge designs made the renovation of our new home a seamless transition. Bianca always goes over and above than what is required of her - from commencement to execution.. Dolce B Delivers!

Radmila Davidovic

The design team at DOLCE VITA DESIGNS, have been clients of mine for over 8 years. Their energy and passion for what they do, is clearly evident in their projects, their innovation and cutting edge designs has helped me ensure that my firm is stocked with the latest products. Dolce Vita has always conducted themselves with the utmost integrity and transparency.

Deon Katzen

I had the fortune of being involved in a number of projects with Dolce Vita Designs. In my experience, Bianca is both a meticulous and an organized designer. She has demonstrated her abilities with the creation of the Amuah house on the estate, where she had to create the now impressive interior without any prior knowledge of the furniture that would be arriving, an evolutionary process that required more than just lateral thinking.

Murray Reid

We would like to thank Dolce Vita for your efforts and personal care in designing several projects with us. Your attitude was professional, but at the same time always fresh and vibrant, with a great range of original ideas. We have subsequently referred Dolce Vita Designs to our clients who have also been pleased with the results and the personal attention which Dolce Vita Designs offers.

Dr. Dan Shenkman

OCC property developments have worked on several projects with Dolce Vita Designs, and have found Bianca Suttner to be extremely professional and passionate about her work. Having relationships with many different suppliers, Bianca has always managed to achieve great results with our projects. Whilst it is often easy to end up working with cumbersome and tedious design companies, the personal attention at Dolce Vita Designs makes it very easy to have a turnkey solution delivered quickly.

Jonathan Shenkman

We have been very impressed by Bianca Suttner of Dolce Vita Designs, her ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed for the development of our company. By combining expert knowledge, great designs and professional ongoing support, you will get the results you want — guaranteed!

Milton Romi-Babany

We have been a supplier to Dolce Vita Designs for over 9 years, it is an absolute pleasure and inspiration working with them. Bianca Suttner is not only really talented, but her business principles and ethics are impeccable. Dolce Vita Designs show true dedication towards their projects and clients. Their knowledge of the Interior Design field is exemplary.

Clare Penniken Whitten

With Dolce Vita Designs, expect an Out of the Box result

Delaunay Fosting

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